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The Breath Bridge is the fastest, easiest, safest, and most effective method for moving from the outer, physical world to your inner world. This is a necessary process for real meditation. Throughout my 33 years of study and practice, nothing has worked better than the BREATH BRIDGE to allow access to my inner world. It's origins are deep within esoteric Budhism, but this is a completely non-religious and natural process.

No special tools or expensive trappings need to be purchased. All you need is your breath, your awareness and relaxation. This method can be applied anywhere and at nearly any time you desire to meditate, pray or engage in other forms of mental exploration and improvement.

The Breath Bridge
The Breath Bridge
2-disc audio set - $19.99 (plus shipping)

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Designed to help you establish a solid foundation in spirituality from a very practical perspective. This amazing audio program contains many layers of depth while remaining extremely easy and enjoyable to practice.

In just minutes a day your life has the potential to be transformed through the expertly crafted practices revealed here by Robert D. Bessler. He designed the program to be the only one you’ll ever need to get you well on your way to developing high levels of competency that can lead to complete mastery in this area of spirituality regarding appreciation and vibration.

Appreciation offers you the ability to set your default mental and emotional state to one of happiness and it raises your vibration to a very high level which can be beneficial for physical and mental well being in addition to facilitating your own spiritual expansion. There are many hidden extras in this program that serve to help propel you to all new levels of personal and spiritual mastery. Robert graciously shares the exact processes he uses to this day in order to maintain a peak vibration and to hold an open heart.

Appreciation Mastery 3-CD Set
Appreciation Mastery 4-CD Set
3 CD - Standard Edition - $47.00
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4 CD - Limited Edition Master’s Practice - $55.00
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Appreciation Mastery offers the opportunity to increase the amount of love and happiness in your life, making this program priceless. Try it for yourself and see.


Appreciation Mastery 3-CD Set
Expansion Mastery - $19.95
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Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide To Living A Fully Engaged Life is the culmination of Robert’s 30-plus years of intensive and dedicated studies of the martial, meditative, healing and spiritual arts. The book is designed to serve as a practical guide to living a balanced, awakened and expansive life filled with lasting love, appreciation and joy. The program contained within the book, the Expansion Mastery System, is the first of its kind.

This unique system is based on the ancient concept of Heaven, Earth and Being that is at the original core of most religious and spiritual systems throughout the world. Connecting to Heaven refers to the cosmos, to the divine and to embrace our higher spiritual self. Connecting to Earth refers to living a natural life, being part of nature and embracing our physical self. Connecting to Being is to master the mind through quieting our thoughts and subduing the ego, it is about creating a heart connection with others and living a heart centered life where we embrace love and appreciation.

The book also brings to light many ancient martial arts principles, delivering them in a practical manner that clearly demonstrates their effectiveness in spiritual and personal growth for anyone, whether or not they have a personal interest in martial arts.

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"Robert Bessler's teachings are straight forward and "no fluff". He speaks to us like a friend, from the heart, and explains the importance of human connections. His insights show us how to listen to our own inner thoughts and take control of our lives!! Robert understands the challenges we face and offers the guidance we need to live a joyful and true life!!!"

~ Amanda Wooster